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ValComputers has your AIO and Custom IT Plans for your Business. We have 20+yrs of service in getting businesses running from install to open. We offer a large variety of services from Networking, VOIP ( internet phone services and systems ), Alarms, DVR ( onsite security systems ), POS ( point of sale / cash register systems ) and many more. If your business is just starting up or looking to upgrade your current systems give us a call and we will work with you to accomplish your vision for your company. We also offer many more IT and Computer system related services ( Server install and setup, Business and Personal website design, Maintenance and Repair Yearly and Monthly Contracts ) Let ValComputers be your one stop for all your IT / COMPUTER SYSTEM NEEDS.

POS ( Point of Sale )

Do you own a retail location? Need a cash register system that will track your inventory and sales and help keep your business finances organized? Then give us a call we specialize in this type of work and will work with you to get you the best most competitive pricing and system for your company needs.

VOIP ( Internet based Phone Sevices )

Let us help you get your business phone system installed setup and configured. We offer a service with the best pricing around. Want a state of the art phone system with calling services and features that fortune 500 and major corporations use daily at a fraction of the cost? Give us a call and let us save you 100's of dollars a month on your office and business phone services. We even install the system and configure it for you. If you hire us to do you networking or have existing network wiring in place there is also no need to install or put in dedicated phone lines like with older analog phones. Give us a call for more information.


Looking to protect your offices or retail location(s) give us a call. We work with several well known state of the art alarm monitoring services and can get you a reliable secure system at a very reasonable monthly cost for monitoring. We have installed these systems in businesses for years and protected them without incident. Call us for more information and a consultation.

DVR ( Security Camera System )

Along with the Alarm system we offer Security Camera system install and services as well. Prices depend on quality of cameras, amount of cameras needed to cover your location as well as time you would like to keep recordings ( hard drive space ) on your system. As with the alarm system we have several DVR systems installed in clients offices and can provide demos and in person examples of some of what is available. Call us to schedule a consultation for more information today.


Opening a new office or retail location? Need to have your internet services connected to all of your individual offices or register locations? Let us handle your networking. We will run all needed cables, install network panels, Put in all needed jacks and wall plates ( or boxes ) and make sure that your networking is installed and working correctly the first time. Call us to talk about your networking needs for your company. We can install your networking whether its in a small 1-2 office location to a large 100 ( or more ) office location.

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